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It is quite difficult to remember, how or in what precise moment this crazy journey began. But we can guarantee you that, after 12 years, our passion, desire and motivation, are still intact. Just as shiny as the first day.
Icestorm is the dream of a bunch of fools that still believe that they can transform his passion into a way of life.
This, has been the project that has kept us and still keep us, happy day fater day.
And you know what? Still if this is not going anywhere, still if it would finish today, in this precise moment, it would had been worthy.
For all the people that has supported us, for all the people that made us vibrate in every concert. For all the people that got excited, with some of our songs, for all of them, therefore, for you, we can say that this has already been worthy.
We've grown together with this bunch of motherfuckers I play with. We've made a lot of friends down the road, a lot. We've been through amazing moments, happy moments, but also through extremly difficult moments. That is what has built a strong tie between us, that I hope, it never disappear.
Just to say that the journey goes on. We are more motivated than ever, and the band, is living now one of his best moments, not only at a personal level but also in a musical level. Time, friends and supporters they've made us reach a level of maturity, that is now, a very powerful weapon, that we are decided to use until its final consequences.
If our music can inspire, help or motivate others, that it will be such a major honor for us.
So ! After a big THANK YOU, just remains to say : Be ready. The storm is getting closer.

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